Troy Doucet is focused on people.

I am running for the 16th District of the Ohio Senate because I believe that government should focus on people again. Our leaders must represent the best of our values: empathy, wisdom, honesty, and integrity.

I believe that people make Ohio great. Ohioans care about their neighbors and their communities. We look after each other in the tough times, and celebrate together in the good times. Ohioans represent the best of who Americans can be, and the best of the values we seek for our kids to follow.

 When government puts people first, our lives get better.

When government puts people first, our kids grow up smarter and wiser with a strong public education. Our neighborhoods are safer with police and fire who are properly funded and highly trained. Our infrastructure is stronger with businesses that can easily move goods and services in and through Ohio. Our kids are more compassionate, more understanding, and believe that honesty and integrity matter.

When government puts us first, Ohioans are healthier because they have affordable healthcare and a cleaner environment. Women have greater control over their own destinies through the availability of reproductive care. People of color and our LGBTQ friends are treated equally so that Ohio is an example of strength through understanding, respect, and compassion. When government thinks about people first, our lives improve.

When we improve the lives of people, the economy booms!

As a business owner, I know businesses want to grow in great states with great people, like Ohio. Business leaders want strong schools, an educated workforce, and access to transportation hubs. They want great infrastructure and investment in technology. These things make their businesses run well.

Business leaders also want a good quality of life for their employees. They want safe, welcoming neighborhoods. They want cultural events, parks, and recreational activities. They want to be in communities that invest in being better and whose leaders are positive examples for others to follow.

Building and investing in stronger communities creates an environment that attracts opportunity. Businesses need strong neighborhoods to grow, and a growing Ohio means more opportunities for its people. When we improve the lives of people, our economy booms too!

It all starts with making life better for people.

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Many Politicians have forgotten valueS and people.

We need new leadership. Ohio ranks:

  • 35th in Healthcare

  • 27th in Infrastructure

  • 41st in Financial Stability  

  • 31st in Education

  • 28th in Crime

Unfortunately, many of our elected leaders have forgotten that the greatness of Ohio is its people. The politicians enrich themselves instead of finding bipartisan ways of improving our lives. They have forgotten the kinds of values that make us good people. The results of their poor leadership in Ohio has caused us to fall to 38th in the nation in US News’s annual report.

I want Ohio to do better.

I want us to refocus on our strong neighborhoods, our people, and our communities. When government puts us first, our lives get better.  I want our policies to reflect a focus on improving Ohioan’s lives, instead of obsessing over a handful of extreme issues.  I want us to tackle the challenges we face head-on with long-term plans instead of short-term gimmicks.  I want to lead by setting a good example. Our government needs to put people first again. 

Government must get back to good governance.

Good governance starts with having a vision for a better Ohio, and leaders who represent the good in all of us. It requires we think about what Ohio should look like in 25 to 50 years. From that vision, we can develop a plan on how to get there. A plan enables us to evaluate cost and make wise decisions based in terms of value for our money. It also keeps us focused on the bigger picture. As a business owner and consumer lawyer, I have the skills set to make that happen at the place where laws are made. But I need your help!

I need your help to win this election.

Please take a few minutes to sign up to volunteer and contribute what you can. Read about me, the district, and my balanced positions on issues. Then get involved to help me take my positive message to Ohio’s Senate!  Please contribute what you can, whether that is donating a few dollars or volunteering a few minutes of your time. I appreciate your support and your vote!

Thank you,

Troy Doucet

Democratic Candidate for the 16th District, Ohio Senate

P.S. I need your help to get my positive message out to voters! Please take a few minutes to sign up to volunteer and contribute what you can!