Dublin, OH – Troy Doucet raised a significant $68,678 for his first State Representative campaign through June 30, according to his campaign’s financial report filed with the Ohio Secretary of State on July 31. 

Troy Doucet’s campaign contributions came from over 200 people, but not all of that was cash.  In an impressive show of support from small business owners and local artists, Troy raised over $20,000 through in-kind contributions (donation of goods/services instead of cash).  Those donated services will be used to support the campaign and the volunteers, mainly through a points-based website.  “While raising money is important, we also need to find ways of getting money out of politics.” Troy continued, “encouraging people to get personally involved instead of just giving money is a great step forward.”  He believes elections should be about people, community, and relationships.  In-kind contributions demonstrate the kind of community support we should look for in campaigns. 

Troy also believes that candidates should be the most significant donor to their own campaign, which is why he donated $15,000 of his own money. He explained, “If I am going to ask others to donate to my campaign, I felt it was important for me to write the first check.”  He firmly believes in the principal of “leadership by example,” a concept instilled in him by his father, a career military officer.

Overall, Troy is excited to have received so much support in just eight weeks from his May 8 launch.  “I am humbled and honored to have received so much diverse support, and will work hard to turn this incredible momentum into a win in 2018!”  Troy’s support came from people in a variety of industries, professions, and also political affiliations.  The donations were almost exclusively from individual people and small business owners. The vast majority of donations were $500 or less. 

Troy Doucet attributes his strong showing to his long-term dedication to the community as a consumer attorney who helps others.  Troy’s business, law firm Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A., is located in Dublin and represents people against big corporations and banks.  His firm employs multiple attorneys and staff who are focused on consumer protection.  Troy is running for office to bring his “people-first” outlook to Ohio’s legislature as the next representative to the 21st District of The Ohio House of Representatives.

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