Dublin OH – Dublin attorney and business owner Troy Doucet has launched his campaign for Ohio State Representative as a Democratic candidate.  Troy’s law firm employs 18 people at its Rings Road, Dublin location, and represents people against bad banks, mortgage companies, and debt collectors.  Troy is a consumer lawyer who has fought for people since opening his practice in 2010.  “I am proud to be taking my fight for people to the Statehouse, where we need a renewed focus on community,” Troy said.

Troy understands the concept of service and sacrifice.  He grew up in a military family, where his father retired as a Colonel from the Unites States Air Force after 30 years of service.  His father’s service ended at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and Troy graduated High School near Dayton.  He moved to Columbus in 1997 to attend The Ohio State University.

Troy started a mortgage company in the early 2000's.  That business did honest work for consumers looking to buy homes, and the business grew rapidly.  However, it ultimately collapsed under its own growth.  Troy faced significant setbacks before returning to college, and Troy says those experiences gave him more perspective, adding, “my setbacks reinforced my desire to live a life in service to others.”

Troy returned to The Ohio State University, where he graduated with a degree in economics.  He continued to Capital University Law School where he graduated magna cum laude.  He focused his class work on consumer courses and litigation so he could help struggling families as an attorney.  He volunteered the most pro bono hours of anyone in his class with the Legal Aid Society of Columbus.  Tamara Parker, former the head of the litigation department there said, “Troy is incredibly passionate about helping others, is very smart, and is a force to be reckoned with in fighting bad actors.”

Troy has developed a reputation as an aggressive litigation attorney and has won several major cases that help consumers.  At the core, Troy has remained focused on helping others and still regularly volunteers at legal clinics.  For two years, his law firm paid a full-time lawyer to work for people needing free and low cost legal work.  His firm also writes off about a million dollars a year in client bills. 

Troy explains that one of his core beliefs is that, “Just because you are going through a difficult time in life, does not mean the other side gets to walk all over you.”  He believes that we should treat others fairly, and that we have the right to be treated fairly in return.  These are foundational aspects of his campaign for State Representative, where he is focused on shaping a better Ohio through strengthening our community.  At the core level, Troy believes this starts with education.

Troy is in favor of voluntary universal pre-school education.  He says, “Beyond being the right thing to do for our kids and grandkids, studies have shown that we get multiple dollars of long-term benefits for every dollar we invest in pre-school education.” He continues, “Universal pre-school education is a wise investment in our future.”  It can also help families where both parents need to work to make ends meet.  Troy also believes in strengthening our public schools, where our kids develop into young adults.  Further, he is in favor of community college options that enable students to graduate college without mountains of debt.  Troy believes our future success starts with education.  Read Troy's story at www.troydoucet.com/story