The Issues


My Vision

I think critically about the issues facing Ohio today.  I believe government needs to think about people, and do what is in the best interest of people.  My vision for a better Ohio is based on this idea.

My vision for a better Ohio is for our kids and grand kids to have a great public education and debt-free options for college.  They should be able to attend college, trade school, or vocational school without facing mountains of debt.  Young adults should be able to start a family in their 20s, and raise those families comfortably in Ohio. 

When I think about what our children need to succeed in 20 to 40 years, I think about my 12-year-old daughter.  I realize that the things she will need in the future are the same things that can benefit Ohio today.  We know that Ohio is becoming more advanced.  We know that the highest paying jobs of the future will need advanced training.  Because of that, it makes sense to invest in public education. Better public education also leads to more successful careers and well-rounded citizens. When we create incentives to learn, we all benefit, including businesses that need well-rounded and educated workers.

We should all have affordable healthcare.  We should be able to retire at a reasonable age, and pass along a healthy environment.  We must protect women's reproductive rights and finally ensure equal pay for equal work.  We must ensure the rights of the LGBT+ community are protected, too.  We have a responsibility to care for our planet, and pass along a healthy Ohio to our kids.  Our kids should love their community as much as their community loves them. 

We need solutions to be the result of thinking, not just reactions to fear.

We need diversity of ideas, new ideas, and ideas based on evidence.  Facts and evidence should be the basis of our decision making process.  We should test innovative ways of doing things.  But we also need to be open to moving on from failing ideas.  We tried charter schools, but they did not improve education.  Worse, they diverted needed funds from our public schools.  Now, local taxpayers subsidize charter schools’ failures.  It is time to reinvest in our public schools. 

We need to think about the vulnerable, too.  We must remember that falling on hard times does not mean everyone gets to walk all over you.  We need fairness, justness, and a sense of community.  We must address the opioid epidemic and how we are approaching complex problems.  We must look at what kind of community we are becoming, and how we are treating the most disadvantaged.  We need solutions to be the result of thinking, not just reactions to fear.

When we work towards a better Ohio for the future, I believe we also make Ohio better today.  When we implement plans to improve the lives of our kids 20 years from now, we also improve the lives of our citizens today.  I know we can do better for our future, and that is the reason I am running to be your next State Representative!  I hope you join me in making Ohio a better place for all of us.  

If you agree with my vision for a better Ohio for our kids and grand kids, please take a moment to sign up to volunteer or donate to help me win this race.  I need your help to win. 

Government is About People

Government exists to serve the needs of people, and to help shape a better future for all people.  Government provides roads, bridges, water, and sewer to make people’s lives better.  It provides police, military, and fire services to protect people.  Laws regulate how people interact with one another.  Government also provides schools and social services to better the futures of people.  The problems that our government can help us solve are about people, too.

As a legislator, I want to help find solutions to the problems we face in life that are too big for any of us to tackle on our own.  We are born, we grow up, go to school, work, live, retire, and eventually pass.  At each stage of life, we can face different problems that we cannot fix by ourselves.  We can face issues that are too big for any one person to handle.

For example, infant mortality rates are very high in some areas of the state.  Government is, and should, work to find ways to lower babies’ death rates.  Healthcare, jobs, education, and retirement all face serious problems that government is helping to tackle, too.  Government is involved with ending the opioid crisis, and helping protect the environment.  These are good things that benefit all of us.  They are also things that individual people cannot accomplish on their own.

My objective is to help people.  When we decide that government should step in, then that should be government’s objective too. 

There is no greater service that government provides to its citizens than education.

When I take a step back and look at how government can help people the most, one thing stands out to me.  This one thing helps us the most over the longest period of time.  It also provides the greatest job opportunities for the most amount of people, and enables us to be the healthiest.  Dollar for dollar, it provides the greatest bang for our taxpayer buck.  That one thing is education. 

There is no greater service that government provides to its citizens than education.  Education is the foundation of a better life for each of us.  It allows us to discover greater things, achieve more as a society, and live more comfortable lives.  It is how our children and grandchildren will accomplish more in their lives than we did in our own.  

In the long term, public education is the key to a more prosperous Ohio.  Jobs are becoming more advanced.  Employers want well-rounded workers who can think critically.  Technology is forcing us to learn and understand more about the world around us.  These things require education.   Public education inspires young minds, develops creativity, teaches social skills, and supports our kids as they grow.  This is why we need to invest in it.  We need to create incentives for students to pursue higher education, not laden them with so much debt that they avoid it.

A strong public education is the cornerstone to a strong Ohio.  We must invest in our schools, and I believe our legislature needs a new perspective on school funding.  Rather that solving Ohio’s education funding problem by looking first at money, we should first be looking at how to give our kids the best education.  When schools systems like Worthington have their funding cut over $1.6 million, or Dublin given a fraction of what it needs, then it shows our priorities are in the wrong places.  Let’s look at what works at our best schools, and figure out how to replicate that everywhere in Ohio.  That should be our first step to solving the funding problem.  When our first objective is education, this approach makes sense.  If you support my mission and values, please support my campaign by clicking here now.