Troy’s Take on the Issues

Respect for Others

We need our leaders to set a positive example for others. We need greater professionalism, understanding, and wisdom in politics. We can disagree about policy. But we can still approach debates knowing that most people start with a desire to improve society. There is room to show respect for those we disagree with on the issues. Our leaders need to set a positive example for others to follow. I pledge to remain aware of how my conduct impacts our goal of making Ohio a better state for its people.

Strong Public Schools

There is no greater service that government provides to its citizens than public education.  Education is the foundation of a better life for each of us.  It allows us to discover greater things, achieve more as a society, and live comfortable lives.  It is how our children and grandchildren will accomplish more in their lives than we did in our own.  A strong public education is the cornerstone to a stronger Ohio.  We must invest in our schools, and must allow our teachers to do what they do best: teach.

Education is the foundation of a better life for each of us.

Higher Education

In the long term, higher education is the key to a more prosperous Ohio.  Jobs are becoming more advanced.  Employers want well-rounded workers who can think critically.  Technology is forcing us to learn and understand more about the world around us.  These things require education.  College inspires young minds, develops creativity, teaches social skills, and supports young adults as they grow.  This is why making college affordable is good policy for Ohio.  While college is not for everyone, we need to create incentives for students to pursue higher education. We should not laden them with so much debt that avoid it. Providing affordable college is good policy for Ohio and for our country.


Economic Opportunity

Investment in people and designing long-term public policy attracts good businesses to Ohio. Good businesses care about a strong infrastructure to move goods and services. They thrive with better public schools, access to transportation hubs, and a government that values diversity. Good businesses also care about quality of life for their employees, which means caring neighborhoods, healthy parks, and a positive community.  When we focus on these things, businesses move into our communities and the economy prospers. That is why I believe that good business policies begin with policies that improve the lives of people.

Workers’ Rights

As a business owner and consumer lawyer, I know how important it is to ensure we balance profits with people. That also means balance between labor and management. Today, we have corporations making billions of dollars in profits while their employees use welfare to make ends meet. Some of these corporations pay no taxes, forcing taxpayers to subside their low pay. This has pushed society out of balance. That is why I support workers’ right to organize. Unionized workers have better wages, benefits, and a higher quality of life. They also have a vested interest in the success of their employing businesses. Unions provide one kind balance that is missing in society today.


People are still forced into bankruptcy because of medical bills. I see that happen as a lawyer who helps people facing foreclosure. Families cannot afford $15,000 deductibles while earning $40,000 a year. In Ohio, people should not have to decide between medicine and food. We need healthcare that is available for everyone at a cost that is affordable. If that requires we reevaluate how we allocate tax revenue or end pharmacy middlemen profiteering, then we must do that. I believe that everyone should have good, portable healthcare that enables them to see the doctor when they need to.

Equal pay for equal work is a fundamental issue of fairness.

Women’s rights

Women must have the ability to control their own destinies. This means having access to robust reproductive healthcare. It also means we take seriously the benefit of sexual health education and the value of family planning. The Ohio legislature needs to stop trying to control women and their bodies, and start focusing on those things that will improve their health and their lives.

Ohio also needs to guarantee equal pay for equal work. This is a fundamental issue of fairness. When elected to the legislature, I will support requiring employers to pay women equally as men. I will also support policies to ensure women have an equal opportunity for advancement.


Our diversity makes us strong, whether that is diversity of people or ideas. The world could also benefit from greater kindness and understanding towards others, which leads to greater wisdom. We can and should show greater respect for our LGBTQ+ friends.

Employers should not be allowed to fire someone for being gay, which is currently legal in Ohio. While many Ohio cities outlaw the practice, we need a state law for both employment and housing. I support each person controlling their own destiny, including who they love.  

The Opioid Crisis

I believe that a holistic approach is needed to solve the opioid epidemic.  That means thinking about how our broader policies have impacted those vulnerable to addiction, which is a mental health issue. It also involves holding drug manufacturers and drug traffickers accountable.

I believe that the broader solution to the opioid crises requires we look at what kind of society we are becoming, and how we are treating the most disadvantaged and vulnerable.  We must remember that falling on hard times does not mean someone is forgotten.  We need fairness, justness, and a broader sense of community. That requires new leadership. I believe that when we improve the lives of people, we can turn the tide on this crisis.


We have an epidemic of mass shootings in the United States. Easy access to firearms is partly to blame, as is a society that is increasingly divided by anger. I respect the constitutional right to bear arms. I also respect the need for reasonable limitations on firearms for the safety of the broader public. The law currently requires background checks for gun sales at licensed dealers so guns do not end up in the wrong hands. We should require background checks at trade shows, too. We should also require training for those seeking to conceal carry, just like our police and military who regularly work with firearms. Further, families should be able to go to court for red-flag orders to protect their loved ones in the time of crisis. We can and should balance the rights of individual gun owners with the need for public safety.

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The Environment

We have a responsibility to care for our planet, and pass along a healthy Ohio to our kids. Global warming is real. We are strong and smart enough to find a way to solve it. We can tackle the challenges needed to turn the tide of a warming planet. We need to buckle-down and take the big actions that are needed to solve this problem.

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