Why I am Running for State Representative

I am running for the 21st Ohio House District for the Ohio House of Representatives because I want our kids and our grandkids to grow up in a world that is better than our own. 

Each generation hopes to pass on a strong and healthy legacy.  Each generation wants to hand down a world of greater hope, understanding, and opportunity.  I want our generation to do the same thing. 

To leave a better legacy, our government needs to think long-term.  Our leaders need to be focused on the kind of Ohio we are leaving for the future.  We need to think of legislation in terms of a vision that we have for Ohio’s success in 20-40 years.  We cannot just focus on what gets us an extra buck today.

We need to focus on the entire community.  We need good-paying jobs that our kids and grandkids can be proud to have.  This means we support public schools, good infrastructure, and investment in technology so businesses grow in Ohio.  We also need to provide options for our kids to go to college or trade school without mountains of debt.  We need to think about how our policies impact future generations, and stop short-sighted thinking.  

We must fight for women's rights, and pass equal pay for equal work.  We must work towards greater respect and compassion for others, and protect our LGBTQ+ communities.

Temporary gains cannot come at the cost of long-term successes.  We need to plan so Ohio is strong for years to come. 

Part of the American Dream is a hope that our children will grow up with greater opportunities than we had for ourselves.  We want to be successful, but we also want to leave a better world for others.  We want our kids to inherit a world that is even better than the one we grew up in.  Future planning also helps people who are struggling and need help now, like those struggling within the opioid epidemic.  

Our government plays a key role in shaping what kind of Ohio we live in today.  But it also plays a key role in shaping what kind of Ohio that we leave for the future. I will be a voice in the Statehouse that reminds lawmakers of that.  I can provide that vision and that voice.  That is why I am running to be your next State Representative for Ohio’s 21st House District.

Please take a few minutes to read about me and my successes, failures, and mission.  I hope you find that my work and life experiences show that I have a commitment to doing good and helping others.  I hope this website shows my commitment to working towards a better legacy for our kids and grandkids.  I hope that I can earn your trust, support, and vote. Please click here to donate to my campaign.  Signup to volunteer here!


Troy Doucet

Democratic Candidate for the 21st District, Ohio House of Representatives


About troy


Troy with his father, mother, and sister (Dennis, Connie, and Karla)

Troy with his father, mother, and sister (Dennis, Connie, and Karla)


Troy Doucet (doo-Set) is a lawyer and owner of Doucet & Associates, Co., L.P.A., located in Dublin, running for the legislature for the first time.  Troy's firm has a team of lawyers focused on helping people. They represent people against big banks, mortgage companies, and debt collectors.  The vast majority of the firm’s cases are before state and federal judges.  Many of the cases involve complex issues and law.  

Troy is recognized nationally for his work helping people facing foreclosure.  He wrote the book “23 Legal Defenses to Foreclosure,” and audited loans for attorneys while in law school.  He also published an integrated copy of Regulation Z a year later.  His third book, “The Art of War for Lawyers” analogizes the famous ancient manual “The Art of War” to lawyers and litigation.

Troy is licensed before all Ohio courts.  He is also licensed in Ohio’s federal courts, plus the Sixth Circuit, and the Supreme Court of the United States of America. 


Troy graduated from The Ohio State University with an undergraduate degree in economics.  He graduated tenth in his class from Capital University Law School, magna cum laude. In law school, he volunteered at The Legal Aid Society and graduated with more pro bono hours than anyone in his class.  The school awarded him the Dean’s Public Service Award and the Dean’s Excellent Award for that work.   Troy continues to volunteer at pro bono clinics regularly.

Troy has been recognized in Super Lawyers magazine for several years as a Rising Star.  He has also been recognized as a top lawyer in CEO magazine and Columbus Monthly.  He has taught courses about foreclosure defense and is regularly consulted by other attorneys in this area.

Super Lawyers magazine awarded Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. its national award for Doucet’s pro bono work.  That award goes to law firms that work to improve the community through free and low cost legal services.  It is an award Troy is very proud to have won.

Troy and his daughter, Alondra

Troy and his daughter, Alondra

Troy is an outsider who wants to make a change in the way our legislature thinks about people and policy.

Troy is an outsider who wants to make a change in the way our legislature thinks about people and policy.

Troy sits on the board of the Central Ohio Association of Justice and is a member of the Ohio and American chapters.  He is also a member of the Columbus Bar Association, Ohio State Bar Association, and American Bar Association.

In his personal life, Troy lives in Dublin.  He has an 12 year-old daughter, Alondra.  Alondra is a very important part of Troy’s life, and is a wonderfully smart and kind young adult.  Troy’s mother and father live in Columbus, as does his sister Karla.  His family moved to Columbus after Troy’s father retired from the Air Force as a Colonel after 30 years of military service.  Karla is two and a half years younger than Troy.  She works in the health field as a lab director at a medical research company.

Troy needs your help to get elected!  Please click here to donate to Troy's campaign and here to volunteer.